We Sell Those: VT Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection has the right door for any and every project. From beautiful flush wood veneers to practical high-pressure decorative laminate doors, this collection has all the features you need to bring your designs to life.

VT is committed to providing quality, affordability, variety, and quick delivery. A compelling value proposition and a commitment to sustainability give you everything you need in a door — within your budget. The Heritage Collection is available in several specialty construction options including: acoustical, fire-rated, lead-lined, bullet-resistant, and stylus doors.


  • VT’s Heritage Collection includes flush wood veneer, high-pressure decorative laminate, acoustical, lead-lined, fire-rated, bullet-resistant, Stylus doors, and matching wood jambs
  • Laser marquetry, sketch-face, blueprint matching, inlay & split species designs available 
  • Mirrored options available
  • Metal laminate inlays available
  • UV cured factory finish options for a flawless finish
  • Popular laminates kept in stock for faster turnaround times
  • Domestic and exotic veneers available