Hinges are a necessary, but often overlooked piece of an opening solution. Using a high quality, long-lasting hinge makes all the difference. Warren Doors & Access Control is a proud supplier of SELECT Hinges, which stand out amongst the crowd. More than 25,000,000 independent test cycles — 10 times beyond Grade 1 cycle count — prove SELECT hinges’ durability. Exclusive Pair-Matched™ hinge leaves, lifetime lubrication and anodizing after machining work together to assure reliable performance. And they back them with the industry’s only Continuous Warranty™, which never expires. SELECT’s geared continuous hinges are one of their most universal options available to Warren Doors and our customers.

Geared Continuous Hinges

  • Pair-Matched™ Hinge Leaves: Manufactured together, machined together and anodized together, making SELECT hinges fit your doors better and last longer
  • Lifetime Lubrication: Eliminates the need for periodic maintenance. Quiet performance. Fights gear cap wear
  • Anodized After Machining: Delivers superior wear, durability and life. Inhibits corrosion. Few hinge makers follow SELECT’s lead in using this superior manufacturing process
  • Meets LEED Requirements: Made from up to 100% recycled aluminum. Reduces environmental impact and qualifies for LEED point
  • Patented 4-Hr. Fire Rating: Most SELECT hinges are fire rated for 90 minutes. 3-Hr. fire rating, optional at extra cost, approved for positive/negative pressure. No fire pins or studs required. Patented design innovation
  • Consistent Templating: Hole pattern is identical on both Standard and Heavy Duty models, so SELECT hinges line up precisely for easier and faster installation
  • Coated Fasteners: Provide additional corrosion protection with either self-drilling, thread-forming (SDTF) or thread-forming (TF) screws.
  • Custom Colors: Match any paint color on the gear cap or the entire hinge and fasteners, including our always-in-stock Bone White gear caps. Anodized colors also available