We Sell Those: Overly Acoustical Wood Doors

For more than 50 years, Overly, an ISO 9001 Certified Company, has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of Architectural Acoustic Door and Window Systems. Because of their unique manufacturing methods and patented designs, Overly has been able to create a line of sound control wood door systems with STC ratings from 41 to 50. Their acoustical wood doors achieve a higher STC rating and are lighter weight than most comparable doors on the market. These systems incorporate a variety of sealing options and door configurations such as flush or glazed, as well as single or pair configurations. Additionally, some Overly door models have been successfully tested to UL 10C (positive pressure) Standards for Safety. For 1-3/4” thick doors, ratings of up to 45 minutes are available for singles and pairs of doors when a fixed or removable mullion is utilized.

Applications for wood sound control openings continue to expand as the need for quiet spaces in buildings evolves. Typical installations for personnel size wood doors include: theaters, concert halls, conference rooms, recording studios, educational classrooms, band and choral practice rooms, military and government SCIF spaces.

Features & Performance

  • Frame gasketing systems include: Independently adjustable Single Overly H neoprene and Double Bubble low closure force types.
  • Door bottom sealing systems include: Full mortised automatic, handicapped approved raised threshold, and adjustable Overly Super H neoprene types.
  • Hinges: Level swing ball bearing or continuous type utilized on doors with automatic door bottoms or raised thresholds, and Overly MCL-500 Cam-Lift hinges when Overly Super H neoprene door bottoms are used.
  • Sizes: All models available in up to 4’ x 10’ maximum leaf size. All 1-3/4” thick models up to 4’ x 8’ can be UL fire rated up to 45 minutes in single swing or in pairs when a mullion is used. 2-1/4’ thick models cannot be fire rated at any size.