We Sell Those: Von Duprin PS914 Power Supplies

The Von Duprin PS914 is a 4-amp power supply designed to manage high in-rush requirements. Like similar power supply models under the Schlage brand, it is made for the electronic access control market and designed with versatility and reliability in mind. With proper option boards in place, the PS914 can manage up to 8 Von Duprin or Falcon electrified latch retraction devices.

It can be factory ordered to meet specific needs or configured in-field using a wide selection of option boards. Installation is simple with a flat mounting board and polarized locking connectors to make in-field expansions virtually plug-and-play. The design also provides easier access to the terminal blocks for connection of electrified devices.  

Features and Benefits

  • 4A @ 12/24 VDC constant output, field selectable with jumper
  • Designed for use with electrified panic devices requiring high in rush current
  • Provides low-voltage, Class 2, filtered and regulated power
  • Universal 120-240 VAC, fused primary input
  • Two polarized option board connectors
  • AC input and DC output monitoring circuit with LED indicators
  • Externally visible AC input indicator with isolated SPDT contacts
  • High-voltage protective cover for AC circuitry (not shown)
  • Battery back-up board auto-selects voltage
  • Optional Fire Alarm plug-in board available
  • UL 294, ULC-S318, RoHS, and FCC Part 15 certified