Reus Street Office Building

An office building in downtown Pensacola was recently renovated by Carson Construction. Warren Doors & Access Control was able to provide them with all their door and hardware needs so they could install it all themselves. There are nine openings total on this project. Three of those are Masonite wood doors, one with a 45 min. smoke rating, another three are Steelcraft Hollow Metal, and the last set of three are Republic ballistic doors.

The Republic ballistic doors have UL753 LVL 3 cores. A level 3 ballistic door is rated to withstand up to 3 shots from a gun such as or similar to a .44 Magnum lead semi-wad cutter gas checked. To learn more about the different ballistic levels check out this article about our bullet resistant door offerings.

To complete these openings, Warren doors provided BEST locks (As pictured), dormakaba closers, and NGP & Hager for the flat goods and smoke seals. While we may not have installed our products on this project, we made sure to provide Carson Construction with everything they would need along the way for a seamless process.

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