We Sell Those: Arm-A-Dor Series

Take control in the fight against back door break-ins with the PRECISION Arm-A-Dor Series.

With so much depending on the security of a building’s rear exit, business owners simply cannot afford to install a standard exit device, alarm or deadbolt to the rear entry door. Installed by many of the nation’s largest retailers, the Arm-A-Dor Series is actually three products in one:

  • Locking bar protection for security from the outside
  • Built-in alarm to protect against inside theft
  • Panic device

This durable, pre-assembled, all-in-one exit device protects a facility’s most important assets, while maximizing life safety at the same time.

Arm-A-Dor Features

  • Four-point thru-bolt mounting for more secure construction
  • Two-point solid steel deadbolt latching feature resists forced entry
  • Integrated alarm triggers an audible signal when push-bar is activated
  • Locking bar extends onto the door frame upon closing
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Wide push bar design enhances the user experience during egress
  • Easy-to-read emergency egress signage
  • Pre-assembled for standard 3′ and 4′ doors