Navy Federal Credit Union Campus – Phase Two

Warren Doors & Access Control has worked as a door, frame, and hardware consultant, supplier, and installer for the expanding Navy Federal Credit Union campus in Pensacola since 2003. Warren Doors & Access Control has provided doors, frames, hardware, and access control services for Building 2, Building 3, Building 4, the Central Energy Plant, and the latest work on the Phase Two development.

Phase Two of the campus expansion includes Building 7, Building 8, and the Amenities Building which joins the two buildings. This phase also includes the addition of two parking decks. The current projects include the hardware scheduling of more than 1,400 interior and exterior doors. Navy Federal Credit Union uses a man-made veneer on wood doors so that the look is consistent on every door, in every building.

Warren Doors & Access Control Senior Manager, Dana Wetherbee, serves as the hardware consultant to the architect for the project, along with project manager Patricia Barranco and install manager Ryan Walsh, coordinating the scheduling for hollow metal doors and frames, aluminum doors and frames, wood doors, all hardware, and automatic operators. The Warren Doors & Access Control team includes both a licensed electrician and professionals with low voltage experience who handle the wiring of the hardware of the door openings including the locksets and exit devices.

Timeframe: 2003 – present Phase 2: 2016 – 2020 (final building)

Project Features

  • Warren Doors & Access Control has worked with several different contractors and architects (local and national) on the Navy Federal Credit Union campus.
  • All doors are custom-ordered at a non-standard height of 8’ 10.5”.
  • Door hardware is pre-installed at the Warren Doors & Access Control shop in a controlled environment to save time, improve quality control, and make on-site installation more efficient.