University of West Florida Building 91

The University of West Florida’s Building 91 houses the Facilities Maintenance and Parking Services office. As part of their large campus, UWF’s building 91 sits on the edge of campus to provide maintenance staff and students alike with the resources they need. As an update to the functionality and appearance of this building, existing windows were removed and replaced by Warren Doors & Access Control.

To start the project, the Warren Doors team removed existing windows that were grouted in and included a mullion bar. The university’s decision would be to replace the windows without a mullion bar. These window solutions were put together using Steelcraft lites and glass from American Insulated Glass. AIG laminated impact glass was used in these windows. Impact laminated glass is specially fabricated to remain its integrity in the framed opening following an impact from windborne debris and wind cycling- an essential in our hurricane prone area of Pensacola.

The individual pieces of this solution were put together at the campus and installed by Warren Doors. To learn more about our in-house and on-site services, contact us today!

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