Edge Elementary School

Edge Elementary School was originally Niceville High School. In 2022, they wanted to replace the existing hollow metal doors to match the look of the original exterior wood doors from the 1940’s. Photos of the original plans for the school and a photograph dated 1941 show the goal of this project.

Warren Doors & Access Control ordered the wood doors from Signature Door Company in Altoona, PA. Their company specializes in custom commercial and residential doors. Every Signature Door is manufactured on a custom, per-order basis.

The county still wanted to add access control to this updated opening. Warren Doors used VonDuprin 5500 series exit devices which have a more retro look and are popular for use in building restorations. The trim was also VonDuprin and as aesthetically close as we could find to match the original pull handle while still being able to be electrified for access control.

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