Marshfield Mahogany Doors

Warren Doors and Access Control offers a wide range of services, including supply and installation of products. However, we also sell directly to the customer for independent projects. One of our more exotic products supplied recently was an Aspiro Series African Mahogany door. Marshfield-Algoma is a legacy brand of Masonite Architectural, which manufactures the Aspiro series door. These wood veneer doors leave a lasting impression with professionally crafted natural and reconstituted wood veneer. 

The Aspiro series brings warmth and character to your project with natural wood veneer surfaces. Masonite Architectural offers a wide variety of domestic and exotic species, cuts, matches and grades to meet any need. The doors supplied for this customer were quarter sliced African Mahogany, one of the many species available. The edgebanding on this door was ordered to match its face.

These doors can be ordered with an array of different cores to suit a customer’s needs. They can by custom designed with fire-rated, acoustical, bullet-resistant, and radiation-shielding options. Warren Doors & Access Control can provide you with a large number of options when it comes to your custom doors, including these core options, wood species, and varying stains. Contact us today to learn more about our product offerings and how we can complete your vision with our install services also.

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