We Sell Those: Glynn Johnson 280 Series SensaGuard™

The 280 Series SensaGuard™ Holder and Release Smoke Detector is designed to allow fire doors to remain open for easy passage while releasing doors in an emergency. It features an internal ionization type smoke detector, powered by a single nine-volt battery. Its fail-safe operation automatically releases the door when battery power drops below 7.2 volts. The 280 Series SensaGuard is ideal for a variety of facilities, including schools, hospitals, office buildings, and multifamily residential units. It is easy to install and requires no external wiring. It is UL listed for fail safe electronics.


  • Easy to install – the unit is battery operated, self-contained and requires no external wiring
  • The LED indicator monitors the battery condition and signals a status every 40 seconds
  • Contains an ionization chamber that releases the door when smoke or combustion particles are detected
  • Will hold the door open at a single, adjustable position
  • Ideal for a variety of applications, including office building corridors, factories, schools, hospitals, nursing home patient rooms and multifamily residential units