We Sell Those: BEST Precision 2000 Series Exit Devices

Precision 2000 exit devices have earned a reputation for strength in every situation—performing in even the most abusive applications. Thanks to its efficient engineering and durable hardware, the Precision 2000 represents the ultimate in safety, security and simplicity. No other exit device offers the level of functionality and dependability as this Grade 1, heavy-duty exit device. Built with fewer components and in various door configurations, it provides smoother operation with minimal need for maintenance. The durable construction allows it to withstand high traffic and high use on a regular basis, making it particularly attractive for healthcare and education buildings. These combined benefits give it a longer life span and a lower overall cost of ownership


  • Secure- Investment cast steel chassis provides maximum security against forced entry and reduces the risk of bending
  • Aesthetically Pleasing- Low profile end caps and smooth contour with quality material provide a pleasing design
  • Low Maintenance- Few moving parts with single spring push-bar operation means no parts or maintenance kits are required
  • Retrofit- Universal active case and end cap mounting holes enable the PRECISION APEX 2000 series to retrofit other manufacturers’ devices
  • Dependable- Successfully completed 10 million operational cycles—far exceeding the minimum 500,000 cycles required by Grade 1 standards
  • Quiet- Rubber bumpers reduce functional noise