We Sell Those: Republic Lead Lined Doors & Frames

When safety for your consumers and your employees is important, Republic’s lead-lined doors and frames provide maximum radiation protection in hospitals and health clinics. Lead is effective at scattering gamma rays and x-rays. These doors have the same outward appearance as other hollow metal doors to deliver a common aesthetic, specified to up to Level heavy duty 16 gauge (18 gauge available). Optional heavier duty DE-LL Series available for 14 gauge door requirements.


  • Standard 1⁄16″ lead
  • Sizes up to 5’0″ x 10’0″ (single swing) and 10’0″ x 10’0″ (double swing)
  • DI maximum duty level 2-4 –
  • performance level A and B
  • Frame jamb depth comes 3″-20″
  • Steel stiffened core
  • Glass lite kits available