We Sell Those: De La Fontaine Recessed Panel Doors

Let your imagination run free by creating your own model of door: Decide on the number of panels to embed as well as their size, add a molding of wood or aluminum to accent the relief, choose the pre-finishing color. And there you have it. You will have a unique door… a steel door which respects the most demanding of performance standards and is resistant to fire… a designer door which will harmoniously integrate into your project.


  • Fire resistance approval: Positive pressure UL 10C: Up to 180 minutes; British Standard (BS-476-22): Up to 120 minutes
  • Conforms to the American National Standards Institute ANSI A250.4 standard
  • Includes materials with high recycled content
  • The performance of a commercial-grade steel door, moderate to maximum duty
  • Personalized and exclusive design
  • Pre-finishing in factory: Standard and custom colors