We Sell Those: Brivo Smart Readers

Brivo Smart Readers enable convenient and secure access with a modern sophisticated look. These readers are simple to install for either a single door or an entire property. Brivo Smart Readers support encrypted Brivo mobile credentials, encrypted smart cards (13.56 MHz), or legacy proximity cards (125kHz).

Brivo Smart Readers with Fluid Access are the newest readers and available in various options, including modern black and white models. These readers are compatible with Brivo mobile credentials and other encrypted smart cards. Brivo Smart Readers enable Fluid Access which allows Brivo Mobile Pass users to securely and conveniently enter a facility while leaving their phone in their pocket. This is just one of the many capabilities Brivo Smart Readers provide with Brivo Mobile Pass like BLE, Magic Button, Siri shortcuts, and device biometrics.

Applications and Benefits

  • Convenient entry with Brivo Fluid Access
  • Use your bluetooth-enabled Brivo Smart Reader and the Brivo Mobile Pass app on your phone to open doors—even in locations with no wireless connectivity
  • Administrators can conveniently issue or revoke mobile credentials via Brivo Access in moments
  • Improve security with encrypted smart cards that offer protection against counterfeiting
  • Select from an array of reader options that provide increased flexibility