We Sell Those: AD Systems FireSlide™


Numerous fire-rated door options exist and can provide effective egress during a fire. However, until recently, no interior sliding door system was able to defend against the spread of fire. By pioneering FireSlide™, AD Systems has blazed a new trail to help you achieve your vision. FireSlide is an award winning, surface-mounted, top-hung, single-leaf door system that offers the clean, modern aesthetic of sliding flush wood doors. 

FireSlife provides the same modern aesthetic of a sliding barn door, fire-rated for up to 45 minutes. Tested using the UL 10B test standard (Fire Tests of Door Assembly) at an independent, third party agency, FireSlide doors achieve a 45-minute fire rating, allowing occupants and first responders time to exit a burning building. 

Features and Benefits

  • Achieves a 45-minute fire rating, tested to UL 10B standard
  • Space-saving design saves significant space when compared to a swing door – up to 30 square feet
  • Acoustic seals on three sides help enhance privacy
  • Self-closers and self-latching hardware to meet code requirements
  • Soft closers – tested to over 150,000 cycles
  • Resilient aluminum perimeter frames protect wall opening and resist impact
  • Smooth silicone gasketing on the perimeter jamb frame 
  • Concealed and durable door guide
  • High quality paint finish for a polished look that is easy to touch up   
  • No visible fasteners on the end caps for a cleaner, modern aesthetic
  • Superior acoustical performance
  • Up to a 100in2 FireLite® NT 3/16” (5 mm) with fire-rated, impact-safety rated glass ceramic vision panel by Technical Glass Products (TGP)