We Sell Those: 6400 COMPACT™ Series Operators

A Simpler Solution for Touchless Access and Accessible Operation

The LCN 6400 COMPACT™ Series low-energy operator is a simple and cost-effective solution that enables facilities to automate more openings for touchless access and accessible operation. The modular design is unique and allows the reuse of an existing LCN 4040XP mechanical closer. The electrified module connects with a mounting plate and just four screws and drives open the mechanical closer. The simplicity of this solution reduces the cost, labor and complexity required to automate an opening.


  • Simple and Intuitive: The unique and modular design makes the COMPACT operator easy to install.
    • Motor gearbox assembly connects to a standard 4040XP with a mounting plate and just 4 screws
    • Electrified module drives open mechanical closer
    • First of its kind, modular solution, enables reuse of existing hardware 
  • Cost Effective Solution for Interior Openings:
    • Modular, intuitive design, minimizes complexity of installation & maintenance
    • Low voltage design reduces need for skilled labor coordination
    • Fraction of the cost of traditional solutions with features that meet basic requirements of interior, non-latching door
  • Performance You Can Trust: The COMPACT operator leverages the trusted 4040XP mechanical closer
    • Adjustments can be made to the 4040XP mechanical closer
    • It can be adjusted normally using the regulation valves for main and latch speed
    • This enables standardization of maintenance operations