We Sell Those: Hager powered by SALTO HS4

Next Generation Keyless Access Control

HS4 is more than a keyless access control system. It delivers a secure and seamless user experience while providing flexible and affordable management throughout a facility.

Hager powered by SALTO’s wire-free, read & write electronic locking solutions technology enables each door lock to communicate with a centralized database. Its elegant, easy to install locking solutions can be fitted to almost any type of door or opening. It also provides intuitive management of access privileges as well as complete audit trails from both online and offline locking components.

  • Operational Benefits: The HS4 platform is a robust and dynamic solution that can provide tailored benefits to nearly every type of installation at a fraction of the upfront and ongoing costs.
  • Security Benefits: The HS4 platform is designed to be a robust and dynamic cost effective access control solution that is delivered through innovation, reliability, and security.
  • User Experience Benefits: There is a multitude of benefits that extends throughout the process from the ease of ordering and system design to updating user access rights.