Longwood Elementary

As part of Okaloosa County’s continuing school security upgrades, Warren Doors & Access Control made improvements at Longwood Elementary. Warren Doors installed 75 Marshfield wood doors , seven hollow metal doors from Custom Metal, frames from Steelcraft, and one ballistic door from Megamet.

The ballistic door we installed has certainly made itself at home with a makeover, courtesy of a dedicated teacher. Contrary to it’s innocent appearance, this Megamet ballistic door is designed to provide the utmost security for the Longwood students. This level 3 door is built to withstand 3 shots from a Super power handgun having a .44 Magnum lead semi wadcutter and 240 grain load traveling at 1,350 ft/sec. Muzzle energy 971 to 1,175 foot-pounds. To learn more about some of Megamet’s ballistic door options you can visit their site here.

The hardware used on this job included locks from BEST, VonDuprin exit devices, dormakaba closers, NGP gaskets and weather stripping, and Hager flat goods.

This job was requested as a quick turn-around. Warren Doors was able to assist in the design build, field verify openings, edit hardware schedules, and ship fabricated material out of the shop in order to complete the project from beginning to end from 6/1/2020-8/20/2020.

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