We Sell Those: BEST IDH MAX

BEST’s IDH Max Series combines access control components—separate readers, strikes, and other equipment—into one durable lockset with only one connector. In addition to a lower visual profile, integrating components in the IDH Max reduces installation time and increases security. Designed to function on interior or exterior doors, and compatible with most access control systems, IDH Max delivers convenient, versatile results in a wide range of applications.


  • Easy installation: With only one lock case and one connector, installing the IDH Max is quick and easy.
  • Simple maintenance: Fewer exposed components make field maintenance on the IDH Max Series simple, and reduce the possibility of part failure.
  • Heavy-duty performance: BEST’s experienced engineers designed the IDH Max Series for heavy-duty performance. The design protects internal lock parts from damage and failure, and uncompromised materials ensure long-term performance.
  • Enhanced durability: Constructed from highly durable materials, the IDH Max Series performs in both indoor and outdoor applications. Enhancements like oil-impregnated stainless steel in the latchbolt reduce wear and tear to the lock.
  • Easy integration: The Panel Interface Module (PIM) allows easy integration into many access control systems.