Warren Doors & Access Control has recently completed a project on the new Centennial Bank in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. On this job we used a variety of hardware including Corbin-Russwin, Kaba Simplex, and Hager to finish openings with Wilson Art Plastic Laminate Doors from Masonite Architectural.

Masonite’s high-pressure and low-pressure laminates are where performance meets impeccable aesthetics. Their doors ensure complete visual consistency throughout your project. With product available from all major HPDL manufacturers, Masonite Architectural can provide distinct wood grains, solid colors and even unconventional patterns. These doors can have non-standard woodgrain patterns, solid colors, and decorative designs which elevate and connect building environments with their on-trend finish options, ensuring consistent performance in high-traffic as well as low-traffic areas.

These openings were completed with Corbin-Russwin CL Series Cylindrical Locks, Kaba Simplex push buttons, and Hager hinges, trim, and accessories. Together these products complete a secure entry and provide ease of use. The Kaba Simplex, under dormakaba, push buttons round out a complete access control solution for your openings. They eliminate problems and costs associated with issuing, controlling, and collecting keys and cards- making it a cost effective solution. Often, these push buttons do not require batteries, additionally reducing material and labor costs.

Warren Doors can provide you with quality products, such as these, and service that can save you and your company money over the long-term. You can improve your business environment with aesthetically pleasing, cost effective solutions and set yourself up for future success.

Project Team: Reliant South

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