Pensacola First Assembly of God

Pensacola First Assembly of God updated the security on the perimeter of their building with the help of Warren Doors & Access Control. A new access control system was retrofit with their existing hardware and the building is set up to be rekeyed also.

Warren Doors provided and installed a security system from Brivo. Their access control system allows them features such as mobile credentials, system lockdowns, and an auto unlock system on a schedule for their services. The system can be managed remotely, including the lockdown process.

Brivo understands the unique safety challenges of worship centers. They note that faith-based institutions have seen an increase in malicious activity from trespassing, vandalism and even armed attacks. Protecting sanctuaries starts with good access control and video surveillance to deter unwanted behavior. To learn more about how Warren Doors can improve the security of your buildings, contact us today.

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