We Sell Those: VT Palladium® Collection

Two Edges, Endless Possibilities 

Palladium is a supremely durable architectural door that withstands high amounts of traffic and abuse while maintaining an attractive décor. Pair the strength and protection of InPro’s IPC Rigid Vinyl Sheet and the quality and performance of our wood flush doors and you have the Palladium Door, the very essence of versatility.

Removable Edges

  • Fire exit hardware includes:
    • Single Swing- rim or mortised exits
    • Standard Pair- rim or mortised exists 
    • SVR- full or top rod only 
    • DE Pair- full or top rod only
  • Allows replacement of damaged door edges without replacing the entire door
  • Rounded edge minimizes damage when the door comes in contact with beds, carts, and other large items moved in and out of rooms
  • Edge cover has a slim profile, at just 7/16″ thick, the removable edge seam is hidden behind the industry standard 5/8″ door stop for clean appearance
  • Removable vinyl, non-PVC, or stainless steel edge cover is damage resistant, however if edge is damaged, it can easily be replaced in the field without requiring a licensed machinist for the fire-rated doors
  • If only lock edge is damaged, edge can be replaced while door is still hanging—saving you time and money
  • Removable edge is double the thickness of faces and door fixed edge, offering increased durability
  • Available in non-rated through 90-minute, acoustical, and LEED contributing constructions
  • Available in both removable vinyl and removable stainless steel for most fire-rated application

Fixed Edges

  • Classic design blends in easily with other doors in the facility
  • Vinyl clad edge provides additional protection in high-impact environments
  • Available in non-rated through 90-minute, lead-lined, acoustical, bullet-resistant, and LEED contributing constructions
  • 1/32″, 1/16″, and 1/8″ lead thicknesses are available with fixed edges
  • Available in PVC and Non-PVC