Warren Doors & Access Control is an authorized distributor of several storage system and locker offerings. We pride ourselves on being able to help you achieve your full project visual through the supply and install of many specialty products as well as our traditional offerings. Completing a bathroom or locker room often requires partitions, special hardware, and storage systems- all of which we provide. One of our larger suppliers of storage systems is AJW. They are a market leader in the Division 10 commercial building products industry. They’ve built on their expertise in washroom accessories and now produce washroom partitions, storage systems, visual display products and commercial wood doors as well. An overview of their storage system offerings are below, among these you can choose from a wide array of sizes and colors to fit your needs.

  • Standard Series: AJW Metal Lockers are fabricated from high quality mild cold rolled steel and are engineered for durability. Their Standard Series lockers are available in a broad selection of sizes to meet the requirements of any typical locker application. 
  • Athletic Series: Rugged environments demand rugged solutions. AJW Athletic Series lockers offer practical features including ventilation, visibility, and strength – perfect for storage of athletic gear, or other heavy duty use. 
  • Professional Series: With an open front, and perforated sides – the AJW Professional Series locker is designed for easy access to uniforms and equipment. Popular options include a lockable security box and a lockable foot locker that also functions as a bench.

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