We Sell Those: Von Duprin Pool Exit Hardware

Openings beyond the interior often have additional functional requirements that go beyond the limits of standard door hardware.

Von DuprinĀ® offers the safety of panic hardware for pool enclosures, tested to withstand corrosive cleaners typically used in outdoor pool environments. Both the device and trim are built with weather resistant components that can withstand the harsh conditions of various climates.

Understanding that hardware solutions need to be flexible and configurable, the Von Duprin 98/9952 with 252L trim is designed to meet the very specific needs of outdoor pool areas. Engineered to be installed easily, the 98/9952 device can be mounted within the required range by the model codes and accessibility standards, while the 252L trim is mounted at least 54″ from finished floor or concrete. Gate poles must have at least 3″ stile width by 2″ depth for ideal installation

Von Duprin 98/9952 Features and Benefits

  • Patent-pending design built to meet code requirements for pool enclosures
  • Weather-resistant components ideal for outdoor applications
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Simple to operate
  • UL listed for panic exit hardware (UL305)