We Sell Those: OA Edge Sensor System

The perfect solution for grocery stores and hospitals

The OA Edge Sensor System employs two focused infrared sensors mounted on each side of the door to detect any approaching, moving, or stationary objects in the swing path. The OA Edge sensor can be used for Low Energy and Full Power Swing Doors as well as Folding Doors.

OA Edge Sensor System Features

  • Focused active infrared pattern detects moving or stationary objects. Sensors remain at full strength at all times
  • Mounted on the top rail of the door panel, out of reach of shopping carts and hospital beds which typically impact doors
  • Adjustable pattern depth optimizes sensing area
  • Motion sensor on approach side header provides activation
  • Four delay settings allow installers to adjust for the varying requirements on the swing side and approach side of door
  • Output relay (N/O & N/C)
  • Compatible with both 12-24 VDC and 24 VAC power sources allowing seamless interface with all GyroTech equipment and the equipment of other manufacturers
  • Improved detection area for superior performance OA Edge complete sensing system will function on all older non-microprocessor based controls, allowing upgrades of existing systems to the new ANSI standard
Why a Presence Sensor, not a Motion Sensor?

This OA Edge Sensor System uses a presence sensor. Presence Sensors utilize active infrared and can detect both moving and nonmoving objects in the path of the door and signals the door accordingly. This is an added benefit from a motion sensor, which would not detect unmoving objects such as a person stopped at the opening.