When designing buildings for the healthcare industry, there are complex needs of doctors and nurses to be met along with stringent building codes and standards. Warren Doors & Access Control is able to outfit the healthcare facilities in our area create a safe, secure environment. Lead-lined doors can be a necessity in many healthcare facilities, where they shield patients and medical providers from radiation produced by X-ray machines and other imaging equipment. Many of our lead-lined doors are provided by Masonite Architectural.

Some people assume that lead lined doors have to be made of steel, but wood doors can be built with lead cores, too. Flush wood doors with clean edges are a common choice in healthcare settings, since they are easy to clean and sterilize. Radiation shielded doors are also available in a large selection of wood veneers and factory finishes. Lead lined mineral cores can also come fire-rated for 45 or 60 minutes.

Of course, radiation protection is just one element of healthcare doors. You may also need them to reduce noise transfer, support a sterile environment, and handle heavy use. The right choices directly impact patient recovery. With Masonite Architectural, you can find all the doors you need for various appearances and performance specifications to complete your next healthcare design project.