We Sell Those: Attack Resistant Door Solutions

Protect every student

Provide valuable time

Masonite Architectural has teamed up with Armoured One to create the Aspiro™ Series Attack Resistant Door Opening Solution, which is designed to slow down an active shooter and provide valuable time for police to respond. Warren Doors & Access Control is a proud supplier of these attack resistant solutions.

  • Built With the Strongest Components: Locks can be easily disengaged. That’s why Masonite Architectural combines Armoured One glass, a Masonite Architectural door and other components for maximum protection.
  • Designed to be Affordable: With affordable options to match the design intent of any learning environment, their solution can be specified and installed in more openings.
  • Tested to Perform in an Active Shooter Attack: Their solution is designed to resist up to 237J of force after bullet degradation—that’s the equivalent of a 10-lb. sledgehammer dropped at 22.9 mph! 
  • Created by Security Experts: From tactical security glass to active shooter training, Armoured One pioneers solutions to save lives by partnering with special forces experts.

Door System Components

  • The Attack Resistant Door Solution utilizes an Extra Heavy Duty Particleboard or Structural Composite Lumber Core for added strength.
  • Armoured One’s 5/16” tactical security glass, when placed in recommended location, will slow down or deter an attacker who is trying to gain entry through the glass with force or a gun.
  • Their Metal Vision Kit manufactured by All Metal Stamping is through-bolted for added strength.
  • ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 Hardware mortise lock with latchbolt, deadbolt, and escutcheon plate.
  • A standard metal frame strengthens the total opening solution.