We Sell Those: BEST CORMAX

CORMAX is a premier patented key system that protects against unauthorized duplication of keys through 2027. Its unique patented key and side pin design strengthens the level of mechanical security throughout a facility. Plus, because the CORMAX M Series operates on CORMAX and Standard cores, it is an ideal hybrid solution for retrofit projects. Facilities can add CORMAX to the perimeter and other high value openings, while maintaining their existing key system.


  • Increased Security
    • Patented through 2027, CORMAX delivers a higher security key system. Unauthorized duplication of keys is prohibited.
  • Geographic Exclusivity
    • CORMAX offers several levels of geographic exclusivity, including national exclusivity, depending on customer needs. All geographic exclusivity levels are protected against unauthorized duplication and distribution.
  • Flexibility
    • CORMAX seamlessly fits into any manufacturer’s locking hardware requiring a small format interchangeable core (SFIC). CORMAX allows for customized master keying and quick core or key changes. CORMAX is also compatible with existing BEST service equipment including standard-issue key cutting equipment so there is no need to invest more money in a new key cutter or combination kit.
  • Hybrid Capabilities
    • The M Series keys operate both CORMAX and BEST Standard cores (backward compatibility) with J, K, L and M keyways, allowing for easier management of a hybrid keying solution. The M Series is designed to enable seamless, phase-in upgrades in large facilities and multi-building campuses.