Munitions Maintenance Facility

A military base in Northwest Florida renovated a munitions maintenance facility on their property. Exterior and interior doors were provided as well as new toilet partitions and accessories.

Hollow metal doors supplied through Steelcraft were installed throughout the facility, as well as several STC doors. These include STC 55 forced entry doors from Habersham and STC 55 doors from Overly. Overly’s acoustical metal doors have STC ratings from 43 to 57. The doors installed on this job have an STC rating of 55, which contains a dual compression type perimeter seal.  Compression seals typically offer higher acoustical ratings.  The seal is composed of a felt/neoprene combination that forms a tight perimeter seal. Dual compression seals are used on their highest rated acoustical doors.

In renovating the bathroom at the munitions test facility, Warren Doors installed partitions supplied through Scranton Products as well as accessories from Bobrick. Scranton Products’ partitions are constructed from premium, American-made highly engineered materials, their HDPE products resist dents, scratches, corrosion, graffiti and mildew. Bobrick washroom accessories are engineered to support long-term facility objectives, from high-end aesthetics to cost-in-use savings to accessibility compliance and more. Together these high quality products were installed to provide this military facility a new look as well as longevity to sustain it.

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