The SHELTER system.
Your versatile, scalable, smart solution for safety.

Warren Doors & Access Control is an authorized distributor of the BEST SHELTER access control solution.

The harsh reality is that violent incidents like shootings are on the rise in schools, and in other public spaces too. And when they do there’s no time for delay—the average active shooting incident is over in minutes, before authorities can even arrive on the scene. The SHELTERTM lockdown system gives administrators a quick course of action to lockdown buildings, campuses, or zones with the click of a button. Because nothing saves lives like a swift response—or a locked door.


  • Use the software to set up how you want the building(s) doors to respond to an incident.
  • Admins can initiate a lockdown with a fob.
  • The lockdown can include a single door, a set of doors, an area of the building, or the entire building or campus.
  • SHELTER can connect with an alarm panel to notify first responders immediately.
  • Complete system includes cylindrical and mortise locks, exit devices, gateway, signal repeaters, control fobs and management software.


  • Wireless Solution: Easily retrofits to existing doors in buildings new and old
  • Cloud-based software: Customize lockdown strategies, control remotely and integrate with existing systems
  • Scalable: To fit most any-size building or campus
  • Proven: As a solid defense against active aggressors
  • Affordable: More cost-effective than standard wired solutions
  • Maintains egress during lockdown: Code compliant, enables people in locked areas to exit a room or building
  • Versatile: Available for cylindrical and mortise locks