We Sell Those: Schlage CO-100

The CO-100 is a standalone, easy-to-manage, low maintenance lock that uses PIN codes as credentials. User rights are stored on the lock with unique PINs assigned to each user. This minimizes the number of mechanical keys issued, protecting the integrity of a facility’s key system.

Administrator level users program the CO-100 using its keypad at the door to add or delete user PINs or change preferences or functions at any time. The CO-100 is ideal for visitor pass through areas, vestibules and reception areas, maintenance areas, supply and equipment rooms, and exclusive or private use spaces, such as restrooms.

Features & Benefits

  • Security
    • Electronic access control helps minimize key distribution and ensures the integrity of the key system
    • Classroom/storeroom, office, and privacy functions available
    • Key override is standard. Compatible with cylinders from Schlage and other popular brands
    • Hardwired remote release push button capability on office function locks
  • Efficiency
    • Manages up to 500 PINs with user rights stored on the lock
    • PINs can be issued and revoked quickly at the keypad
    • Utilize existing master key system
    • Low lifetime cost of ownership
  • Convenience
    • Normal, toggle, pass through, and freeze programming options
    • Programmable lighted occupancy indication available on privacy function locks
    • Compatible with most major brands of exit devices
    • Up to 2 years battery life with status indicator for easy maintenance