Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart

For the new four-story, 120,000-SF Studer Family Children’s Hospital, Warren Doors & Access Control worked closely with Hoar Construction and HKS Architects to coordinate the doors, hardware schedule and specifications for this new addition on the Sacred Heart Ascension campus.

Warren Doors & Access Control assisted the design team in selecting Marshfield Impact Edge doors over more traditional stainless-steel edge doors found in many hospitals. The Marshfield door systems offered high quality durability and a significant cost savings compared to other door products. Over 90% of the more than 900 doors installed in the new hospital are Marshfield Impact doors. Warren Doors & Access Control also provided the electrified hardware for the interior door systems.

As part of the Warren Doors & Access Control services, the team worked with the hospital’s existing security system to develop and install a new master key system. A Schlage master access system provides a new level of high priority access across the Sacred Heart campus for key personnel in management and building maintenance personnel.

With limited storage space on the site during construction, Warren Doors & Access Control pre-installed door hardware in the shop to save time by delivering complete door units, ready to install. A team of 7 Warren Doors & Access Control professionals coordinated this project, from early planning to final completion.

Timeframe: February 2018 – April 2019

Project Features:

  • 900 doors
  • Lead-lined doors for radiology/CT to meet hospital standards.
  • Door finishes are the hospital interior design color standard, chocolate malt. Wood paneling was also installed to coordinate with the door design color scheme.
  • Door hardware was pre-installed in the shop to save time during on-site installation.
  • Access Control Master key system (Schlage) installed.

Project Team: Hoar Construction and HKS Architects