A building in Pensacola, FL is currently being remodeled to house a new restaurant. The first steps when planning any project, new-build or remodel, is to double check with your inspectors. When in doubt, this verification before purchasing material can save time and money!

Unfortunately, a set of French doors was purchased for a service entrance through a vendor other than Warren Doors & Access Control. Upon inspection, the doors were not up to code. In this opening, the doors were installed swinging in, but must swing out. Additionally, the doors would have to be able to accept panic hardware.

Warren Doors was able to bring their building up to code with a set of hollow metal doors with the proper hardware. We were able to maintain a window in that opening with a large lite kit in these Steelcraft doors. These doors were outfitted with hardware from VonDuprin and DORMA hardware to additionally meet the inspector’s requirements.

In the event that you are unsure if your building meets current fire code standards, Warren Doors can not only replace and modify openings for you- we also offer fire door inspection services. To learn more about our wide range of services give us a call today.

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