Andalusia Regional Hospital

Andalusia Regional Hospital in Andalusia, AL required a pair of existing doors to be retrofitted with auto operators. For this specific project, Warren Doors & Access Control installed NABCO Low Energy ADA Operators (GT8710).

The GT710/8710 Low Energy ADA Operator is designed to automate nearly any new or existing door. The GT710/8710 operates in both automatic and manual modes with a hydraulic back-check that protects the door and mechanical operator from damage when forced open in windy conditions or when manually operated. The Low Energy performance, combined with adjustable opening and closing speeds, reduces energy usage to help offer customers a prompt return on their investment. The GT710/8710 is available in the following configurations: single door, simultaneous pair, dual-egress, and opman.

Auto operators are a great way to add safety to new or existing doors that are in high traffic areas, such as a hospital. Warren Doors has many other access control offerings for healthcare settings as well as doors, hardware, and other specialties to fit the needs of the unique environment. Check out some of our other recent projects in healthcare such as, Woodlands Center for Specialized Medicine, to learn more.

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