RediFrame’s unique, strong-as-the-wall design is available in fixed wall size (RediFrame) and adjustable wall size (RediFlex) designs.

RediFrame is designed to sleeve the wall, becoming an integral part of the wall system. In comparative impact testing, 18-gauge RediFrame withstood 850 impacts, this is over 500 more than drywall hollow metal. The difference is the Dunbarton anchoring system. Not only does RediFrame sleeve the wall, but it anchors to the wall using at least 30 fasteners through the face of the frame opening. Hollow metal anchors to the wall from the frame throat using only 6 to 8 anchors per opening that hold the frame away from the inherent strength of the wall.

  • Durability: RediFrame and RediFlex carry a Certification of Level A 1,000,000 opening and closing cycles (ANSI 250.5–1994).
  • Fire Testing: RediFrame and RediFlex pledge to stay ahead of the field when it comes to fire ratings. They have taken the initiative to pass the most stringent and difficult fire tests to acquire the Warnock Hersey standard in both neutral (UL 10B) and positive (UL 10C) pressure fire ratings.
  • Hurricane Testing: RediFrame and RediFlex offer many options for FBC (Florida Building Code) and TDI (Texas Department of Insurance).  Hurricane Opening options include impact, design pressures, and HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zones) with numerous door options.