Ascension Sacred Heart Nine Mile Road Community Emergency Clinic

Warren Doors & Access Control has again partnered with Ascension Sacred Heart to complete their new community emergency clinic on 9 Mile Road. The center includes 13 treatment rooms and two trauma rooms. The facility will also include a lab and pharmacy. Warren Doors & Access Control supplied and installed plastic laminate doors, lead-lined doors and windows, and exit devices for this location.

Lead-lined doors are often a necessity in healthcare facilities. They shield patients and medical providers from radiation produced by X-ray machines and other imaging equipment. Radiation protection is just one of their purposes, they may also be used to reduce noise transfer, support a sterile environment, and handle heavy use. Warren Doors installed Masonite Architectural lead-lined doors on this project.

Limited operational noise exit devices were installed throughout the facility also. Warren Doors used Von Duprin’s Quiet Electric Latch Retraction-QEL on this project. The quiet electric latch retraction (QEL) provides electronic control of an exit device for environments where limited operational noise is desired. The QEL option is Von Duprin’s solution of choice for hospitals, libraries, museums and theaters where ambient noise can be disruptive.

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