Okaloosa County School Security Upgrades

Warren Doors and Access Control partnered on a project with Okaloosa County Schools to upgrade their facilities with added security measures. Okaloosa County is home to over 50 primary education facilities and plans to add higher security measures to protect their students and faculty. Today’s modern problem surrounding school safety, requires modern solutions that Warren Doors & Access Control is able to provide. All schools so far have received access control hardware on premises gates and ballistic doors at main entrances- the remaining schools will have the same solutions implemented.

Warren Doors is installing access control hardware on existing gates on school grounds. We have worked alongside the schools’ gate installation teams to make sure the hardware we supply will create the most efficient solution. A DETEX exit device has selected to manage these gate entrances- a 40xW Series Narrow Stile Weatherized Rim Exit Device. The device is a piece of super-heavy-duty panic and fire exit hardware with a tough and durable design for years of trouble-free service in high-use, high-abuse inclement weather environments. On chain-link gates, additional gate accessories were required. Warren Doors also used DETEX mounting plates, latches, latch protectors, and lock boxes. To learn more about the access control hardware used in the Okaloosa County schools, visit the DETEX website.

Okaloosa County schools also decided to add ballistic doors to some of their main entrances, so far 28 have been installed. Warren Doors is using MegaMet ballistic doors on this project. The hollow metal doors selected for the schools are rated at a level 3. This means they are tested to withstand 3 shots from a high power handgun having a .44 Magnum lead semi wadcutter and 240 grain load traveling at 1,350ft/sec. To learn more about the doors used on this project, visit the MegaMet website.

Warren Doors & Access Control is proud to be able to help local schools achieve a higher level of security and safety.

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