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RS2 Technologies was founded on the four cornerstones of Innovation, Flexibility, Reliability, and Powerful, Friendly Software. RS2 is one of the only access management companies that brings an end-user perspective to the business. They realize that, more often than not, the person at the operator level is more likely to be a security guard than an IT manager. RS2 understands security people and  IT people. So, although RS2’s software is designed to be easy to use, it is also packed with useful reporting and management features.


The RS2 family of access management hardware is built around their SCP family of processors, which are based on 32-bit microcontrollers and serve a wide variety of applications (from relatively small to very large). A variety of input/output modules, multiplexers, and communications packages provide almost unparalleled flexibility for system configuration. And, RS2 can combine these hardware components with a variety of options such as enclosures, power supplies, battery backups, and adapter plates into complete system solutions. RS2 also offers a wide range of proximity, magnetic stripe, and biometric card readers and a large selection of proximity and smart cards.

Access It! Universal.NET

Secure Access Control

RS2 Technologies is a leading manufacturer of access control software. The Access It! suite of software is where security professionals turn when they need an effective and reliable access control solution.

Smart Access Control

The Access It! Universal.NET features a smart and intuitive user interface that allows for cutting-edge configurations while maintaining ease of use. Advanced features allow for automatic scheduling, data management, web access, maps, DVR\NVR integrations, custom reporting, email alerts, biometrics, PSIA, and advanced site management and controls. These features, coupled with constantly updated integrations to 3rd party hardware, make Access It! Universal.NET a truly smart option for access control and gives the freedom to design an access control system tailored to the needs of the facility.

Maximum Protection

When it comes to security Access It! Universal.NET brings sophistication and quality to access control. Featuring cutting edge security features, Access It! Universal.NET provides a hardened access control infrastructure capable of using the most sophisticated access control technologies available. RS2 not only provides a complete solution, but does so by using the open architecture of Mercury Security Hardware. In addition to providing an ever-growing feature set, this open architecture keeps costs down and delivers freedom to grow the system as needed.