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Rosslare’s highly secure and flexible solutions offer a new approach to access control management and integration – enabling both maximum security and maximum ease of use. Offering a full range of controllers, readers, biometric terminals, credentials, accessories and guard patrol systems – supported by an advanced and flexible software systems – Rosslare is recognized worldwide not only as a top-tier provider of high-quality end-to-end access control solutions, but as a provider of solutions you can trust.

Access Control

Rosslare’s solutions provide options for addressing access control challenges of any size, from securing a single access point to large scale multi access point, multi location projects requiring the deep integration and interoperability with third party devices and software systems from multiple specialization domains spanning the breadth of building management systems, Elevator Controls, fire detection and signaling, intrusion detection, CCTV and IP Surveillance, Video Management Systems, Industrial Controls, remote and in-situ Industrial Monitoring Systems, Wireless Communication, ingress and egress control devices, and more.

  • Access Control Event-Based Links
  • Multi Credential Access
  • Automatic Door Scheduler
  • Email Notification on Access Event
  • Muster Reader
  • Site Lockdown
  • Automatic Reports Generation
  • Visitor Management

AxTraxNG Platform

AxTraxNG is a complete server-client software management platform that enables setting physical access control policy across organizations that is available in multiple languages and date formats. The server manages thousands of networked access control panels and system users. The user-friendly interface is intuitive, reliable and rich in functionality. With Rosslare’s SDK tool AxTraxNG also leverages easy integration and deployment of various applications in security, safety, time and attendance and more. AxTraxNG allows the control and monitoring of every aspect of site access.

  • Rich System and Hardware Management Options
  • Identity Management
  • Support for Different Types of User Credentials
  • Production and Export of Reports from Acquired Data
  • Built-in Software Security with Encrypted Database
  • Video integration with Rosslare’s Vitrax VMS and with Hikvision and Dahua NVR