Nortek Control

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Nortek Control and its family of brands delivers technology solutions throughout the world. They are industry leaders in the security, access, power/AV, control, analytics and health + wellness markets.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Security
  • Access Control
  • Perimeter Access
  • Audio/Video
  • Power Management
  • Health + Wellness


eMerge is a configurable, integrated security management and access control system. Now you can manage security functions for multiple facilities anywhere with an Internet connection. Because eMerge is a browser managed system, it has the enormous advantage of geographic autonomy. You are able to monitor and control multiple facilities from any web browser by connecting securely to the Internet. From any location in the world you can view live event logs, video and interactive floor plans in one view, remotely lock or unlock doors, arm or disarm burglar alarm systems, and initiate system-wide changes through Threat Level status. You can also lock down the system so that control is available only from inside a facility.

The complexities of today’s security environments also create special opportunities for a product such as eMerge, with its native IP hardware technology. eMerge simplifies your IT security environment rather than complicating it. Because eMerge does not require you to install any software or pull new wiring to any computer – you simply connect components to your data network and eMerge will recognize them – it has a zero footprint and provides control of a complete physical security environment through a web browser that is already on your PC. eMerge changes the age-old equation of inflexible low-end security systems or over-featured, expensive high-end systems. Designed from the ground up to be a cost-effective complete solution, eMerge is a complete, scalable security management system compact enough to fit in a panel-sized box, yet powerful enough to integrate your access control, alarm monitoring, video and intercom in one system.

  • Multiple Product Bundles Available, Selections Include:
    • Number of Doors
    • Power Options
    • Proximity Readers
    • Proximity Cards
    • Upgrades