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Identiv is a global provider of physical security and and secure identification. Identiv’s mission is to secure access to the connected physical world: from perimeter to desktop access, and from the world of physical things to the Internet of Everything.

Hirsch Velocity Cirrus

Cirrus is a cloud-based Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) solution for award-winning Hirsch physical access, allowing users to control, manage, maintain, and update their solution via a fast, simple-to-navigate web user interface.

  • Advanced Features: Government-grade, secure connectivity between hardware and server, A/B rules, two-person rules, and anti-passback
  • Cloud-Based Access: Users no longer need to manage local software or server hardware
  • True Portability: Offers benefits of high-availability, infinite-scalability cybersecurity technology
  • Future-Proof: Lower costs, lower maintenance, and the assurance of always having the latest version

Schlage Wireless Lock Integration with Hirsch Velocity

When flexibility and scalability is a requirement, Velocity combined with Allegion’s Schlage Wireless Lock system is the perfect solution. Easily upgrade your Schlage mechanical lock system with a Schlage wireless lock, with little to no interruption in daily operations. The Schlage wireless lock system is tightly integrated with Velocity, giving access to a full feature-set typically found only with wired locks. By incorporating the power of Hirsch Mx controllers and Velocity’s configuration and management options with the flexibility of the Schlage wireless lock system, Identiv is able to provide users and integrators with even greater capabilities and design options than ever before.

  • Secure more doors with little to no wiring
  • Quick and easy installation without interruption to daily operations
  • Flexibility for commercial real estate, K-12, higher education, assisted living, medical offices, or multi-family
  • Add physical access control to historical buildings and facilities with building materials not suitable for standard wiring
  • Real-time door status monitoring with alarm viewer, status viewer, and reports plus greater control of schedules during holidays
  • Battery status and charge monitored to simplify maintenance

Freedom Access Control Hardware

Identiv’s IT-centric, cyber-secure Freedom Access Control hardware system uses encryption bridges at the network edge to communicate with onsite and geo-distributed software. Connecting the door hardware to the IT network, the Freedom Encryption Bridge provides encrypted communication to servers. All system configuration, administration, and monitoring are performed using a common web browser. Simplified architecture reduces system complexity and lowers the total cost of ownership (TOC). Centralized databases can operate independently or be connected to an identity management system (IDMS), such as Active Directory, unifying physical access control and logical security management within the IT infrastructure.

  • Software-driven physical security perimeter: Eliminates complex control panel configurations and replaces them with technology that communicates over encrypted IP-network protocols
  • Highly secure and reliable: Uses advanced encryption technology to eradicate security vulnerabilities
  • Open-platform design: Enables rapid and cost-efficient integration to any relevant infrastructure
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere: Monitor and grant access 24/7 via any web browser