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IDenticard is proud to be a leading provider of products and solutions that help identify and secure people and premises. They offer innovative products and reliable service to all of their customers, from local organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Areas of expertise include ID badging programs and identification solutions, ID card accessories, Visitor Management systems and access control systems.

PremiSys®: Access control on-site or on the go

A comprehensive access control system designed by IDenticard’s in-house engineering team. Solutions specialists and system integrator partners will work with you to determine which version of PremiSys is right for your facilities, with factors including the number of doors required, interest in ID badging support and more. All versions of PremiSys are compatible with the PremiSys mobile app, which allows a user to manage and monitor facilities from an iPhone™ or Android™ smartphone.

  • PremiSys LT: Entry-level access control offering, PremiSys LT is ideal for small organizations looking to get started with an access control solution.
  • PremiSys: A step up from PremSys LT, PremiSys supports up to 40 readers and is compatible with PremiSys ID for badge creation.
  • PremiSys Pro: As IDenticard’s premium offering, PremiSys Pro is also compatible with PremiSys ID for badging and features no restrictions on the number of doors or workstation clients supported.

Rack Armor™: Patented, award-winning physical data center security

While many of today’s worries about threats to digital security focus on cyber attacks, your data is actually at greater risk from internal threats and physical tampering. However, many data centers rely only on outdated digital security programs to protect their data, ignoring the physical side entirely. Rack Armor from IDenticard solves that problem by monitoring and protecting your physical data centers, providing heightened security at the source.

  • Rack actions: Easy to read, color-coded icons provide information on the status of your server doors, locks and handles.
  • Video integration: Combine Rack Armor with a surveillance camera system to store video logs of server access activities, record keystrokes and more.
  • Customized audit reports: Rack Armor stores complete logs of rack usage and activity, providing detailed audit reports.

Visitor Management Solutions

Identifying and securing people and facilities are IDenticard’s specialties, and those focuses apply to visitors as well. IDenticard’s Visitor Management options range from basic to comprehensive, but have the same goal: process and track guests to ensure safety at your facilities. Visitor Management specialists will work with you to recommend the perfect solution and see that it gets implemented properly.

  • TEMPbadge™ expiring visitor badges and log books: TEMPbadges are excellent visual identifiers of guests who have overstayed their welcome. TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books are perfect for small organizations that want a record of each visitor. Individual TEMPbadge expiring badges are available handwritten or computer-printed, and can feature custom headers or logos.
  • Visitor Management systems: Larger organizations will benefit from a more comprehensive Visitor Management system. TEMPbadge VMS processes guests in four clicks and five seconds, resulting in a convenient, custom thermal-printed badge. PassagePoint™ allows a user to pre-register guests online, control multiple installations from a single location, import watch lists and create detailed visitor reports.
  • WhosOnLocation web-based Visitor Management: WhosOnLocation is an innovative, web-based Visitor Management tool perfect for businesses and offices of all sizes. WhosOnLocation is an affordable system packed with features, including easy sign-in, employee attendance tracking, evacuation management and more. The system is also compatible with TEMPbadge expiring and non-expiring visitor badges, creating a comprehensive solution. Plans can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis, creating flexibility.