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Dormakaba’s mission is what drives them to do everything possible to create a secure future. Day by day, installation by installation, innovation by innovation. Visible proof of this are their smart access and security solutions, designed to create infrastructures that are efficient and convenient. That seamlessly and safely control people flow. That protect people, properties and possessions. And that give you a feeling of security and trust.

Door Hardware

From convenient barrier-free door situations and individual fire protection to special systems for emergency and escape routes – dormakaba has the solution.

  • Door Closers: Surface-mounted, integrated into the door leaf or floor spring door closers
  • Door Locks: Mechanical and mechatronic door locks for narrow stile and timber doors
  • Escape Route Systems: Electrically controlled emergency door exit systems
  • Electrical Strikes: Electrical strikes for timber and narrow stile doors
  • Panic Hardware: Leading hardware system for escape route doors

Electronical Access and Data

As a security manager for your building, you want an access control system that supports you with the various tasks you have to deal with on a daily basis, from short-term access for visitors to long-term control of the people flow. You may also want your system to be integrated into your company’s existing technical environment to maximize the benefit of the different programs. Dormakaba’s systems are designed to fit every need – from SME offices, to public places with restricted areas like airports, to global companies with locations all over the world.

  • Access Control Solutions for Corporate: dormakaba’s solutions provide excellent coverage for corporates being required to manage their organizations in a flexible and scalable way. The solutions offer integration into surrounding IT infrastructure as well as coverage for known requirements within these types of organizations. The capability to support multisite and complex organizational structures makes it ideal for organizations that have to be flexible in their organizational structure.
  • Access Control Solutions for SAP: dormakaba’s ERP integrated solutions provide the best possible integration into the leading ERP solutions. Especially the depth of integration into the SAP is generating a seamless experience at the best possible value out of the ERP system as such.
  • Access Control Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises: No matter what your security needs are or what task your access control should perform – dormakaba’s solutions for access control are flexible, easy to install, and convenient to operate.
  • Access Control Solutions for Microenterprises: Customizable solutions you can manage all access rights via an app and open your door by smartphone, card, or key fob.

Mechanical Key Systems

They offer their customers the highest level of key control, through key design, patent protection, and inhouse registration procedures. With their comprehensive range, they are globally known to customize and offer bespoke locking solutions to specialist markets such as rail, marine, telecom, water and OEM manufacturers.

  • Master Key Systems
  • Cylinder Locks with Reversible Key
  • Cylinder Locks with Serrated Key

Entrance Systems

Is it only a vision to imagine that closed doors would open welcoming us when approaching and that access control could be seamlessly integrated into a natural walk through rather than stop us and make us wait?  They are committed to delivering to you the smooth access experience when accessing a lobby, boarding securely a plane, entering into a metro underground station or attending a concert in a large stadium hassle-free. Companies all over the world trust them to automate crowd flow and solve people access control challenges.

  • Crowd Flow Solutions
    • Automatic sliding doors
    • Automatic revolving doors
    • Automatic swing doors
    • Barrier-free opening
  • People Control Solutions
    • Sensor barriers
    • Security interlocks
    • One-way exit lanes
    • High-security automatic doors
    • Half and full-height turnstiles