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Brivo is original. As the pioneer in cloud-based access control, they are the leader in the category they created over 20 years ago. Brivo launched their cloud-based security platform and products in 2002, and continue to break new ground in the industry.

Brivo Access

Brivo Access is the next breakthrough for commercial facilities and residential properties that want to modernize and transform the human – building connection.

  • Visibility: Gain a comprehensive view of your environment from any device, anywhere to improve visibility and incident response time
  • Insight: Turn actionable insights into data-driven decisions with Brivo Access intelligence and activity analysis
  • Control: Increase the efficiency of your security operation and the health of your building to control who has access and how events are tracked
  • Open: Select the right technology package that integrates with your existing hardware and grows as your needs change

Brivo Mobile Pass

The smarter way to open doors- use your smartphone as a key to open doors without friction. Brivo Mobile Pass combines the security you need with the mobile convenience users want.

  • Reduce the hassle of lost or forgotten credentials by issuing mobile credentials and digital badges.
  • Protect high-security areas with two-factor authentication without a biometric reader using fingerprint and facial recognition already built into smartphones.
  • Remotely assign and revoke credentials sent directly to the user’s smartphone.
  • Give users a more secure credential than traditional access cards

Integrated Video Surveillance

Brivo unifies your security experience across access control and remote video surveillance so you can view your facilities from anywhere

  • Prevent shrink and theft with integrated video and access control
  • Save time on event investigations with Brivo Snapshot and intelligent face detection
  • Ensure video footage is cyber secure with encryption, protected storage, controlled access entitlements
  • Enjoy the benefits of HD cameras and cloud storage without the cost and maintenance of local recording equipment
  • Choose wired and wireless camera options that are best for each scenario