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The BEA Group develops sensing solutions that are designed to improve the performance and safety of automated equipment. Their mission is to work closely with the industry, their customers, and manufacturers to ensure that these solutions can enhance overall operations while helping streamline safety, security and productivity.

Access Control

Access Control applications present unique challenges that often require sensor-based solutions to effectively manage pedestrian traffic. BEA’s access control line includes a variety of products that can be combined to create all-in-one packages designed to enhance employee safety and security. These packages can be used within office-type applications to control access and secure doors. Sensors, keypads, electric strikes, push buttons, maglocks, and power supplies can all be found in BEA’s access control portfolio.

Precise Presence Detection for Enhanced Access Control

In Access Control applications, active infrared sensors focus directly on a door handle while ignoring cross traffic, ensuring detection for those intending to exit. Passive infrared sensors are also available and can be used in areas requiring larger detection zones. 

  • FLY KIT: The industry’s most compact passive infrared (PIR) sensor, ideal for request to exit (REX) applications. This low-cost, versatile sensor can be surface mounted above any door or recessed in the ceiling. Its flexibility and low profile design make it an effective sensor for managing building security and traffic flow.
  • RDE-100: A request-to-exit sensor with an active infrared (AIR) detection zone focused directly on the door handle. This allows the R2E-100 to only detect people intending to exit through the door as they reach for the door handle. The AIR based R2E-100 improves accuracy of detection as compared to passive infrared (PIR) technology including ground based errors, PIR sensor spoofing, known PIR vulnerabilities (hot air, background objects, cross traffic).
Key Switches, Key Pads and Push Buttons for Access Control Applications

A variety of devices are available for enhanced Access Control in secure areas. Key switches, key pads and push buttons all can be used to enhance security on a door. They can also be incorporated into a building’s security system.

  • Access Control Push Button: Part of the request-to-exit product line, it is an illuminated access control solution, consisting of a stainless steel faceplate and brightly lit plastic button. It is appropriate for most indoor and low-ambient light applications.
  • Pneumatic Push Buttons: The device is uniquely designed to minimize the number of moving parts, in turn reducing the wear and tear of the button and extending the life of the device. Upon activation, the user-defined time delay initiates without additional mechanical action or the need of external power.
  • Universal Keypad Family: Available in both single gang and slim-line surface mount, these devices are designed for integration into security systems with electromagnetic locks, electric strikes and other equipment requiring on / off or momentary control inputs. All programming is completed entirely from the keypad. Nonvolatile memory means codes settings will remain in the event of power loss.
Advanced Logic for Increased Functionality in Access Control Applications

Logic modules enhance functionality on doors using sensors, locking devices and other means of Access Control. These devices can be used to properly sequence the door and streamline entry or exit into a building/secured area.

  • BR3-X: Programmable 3-Relay Logic Module, common used include automatic pedestrian doors, access control, industrial automation and single-occupancy restrooms.
  • BR2-900: 2-Relay Logic Module + 900 MHZ Wireless Technology, it is ideal for applications requiring sequencing of electric locking devices and automatic door activation. Additionally, Day / Night Mode on the BR2-900’s wireless receiver enables the user to designate “secure” or “unsecure” access for controlled entry points. Push plates with wireless transmitters can be programmed to operate during specific time periods
Electric Strikes and Maglocks for Enhanced Access Control

Locking devices used on secure door applications include electric strikes and maglocks, both of which can be paired with logic modules and sequenced with request to exit devices. UL listed strikes and maglocks are available for applications governed by coding and building standards.

  • Rim Exit Strike: Designed specifically for rim exit devices. This strike is completely surface mounted, which eliminates the need to cut into the door frame.
  • Universal Cylindrical Strike: Provides controlled access and security for egress and ingress applications where code compliance and safety are paramount. This strike is UL 294 listed.
  • UL Listed Maglocks: Can be used on hollow metal, wood, aluminum, glass and composite door materials. The UL Listed Maglocks are available in surface mount single or double door configurations, with holding force of 600 or 1,200 lbs. These locks include adjustable zero to 90 second relock time delay and a lock status sensor with visible LED.