Warren Doors & Access Control is proudly AAADM Certified.

What is AAADM?

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) is a trade association of manufacturers of automatic pedestrian door systems. AAADM was founded in 1994 with the following mission: to advance the interests of the automatic door systems industry; to increase education, training and professionalism among installers and service providers; and to generally promote the safe use of automatic doors.


With more than 50 billion safe automatic door openings and closings every year in the United States alone, automatic doors hold an exceptional safety record. Automatic doors are manufactured with the most sophisticated technologies that ensure the safest and most efficient performance from each component of the door system. In addition, automatic doors and their sensing systems come with many built-in features that allow for added safety assurance and customization to each specific application.

Safe operation is enhanced when AAADM recommendations are taken for proper installation and annual inspections, both performed by an AAADM-certified inspector. Equally important, a brief daily safety-check conducted by the premise owners checks for consistently safe, convenient access for everyone.

AAADM’s certification and training program for inspectors and technicians has been implemented to further advance automatic door safety. Classes are offered on a regular basis from manufacturers in the automatic door industry all over the United States. AAADM-certified inspectors are thoroughly trained and qualified to conduct automatic door inspections to ensure compliance with the latest industry standards. In addition to annual inspections, AAADM-certified inspectors typically provide maintenance and repair services.

The ANSI Standards associated with the automatic door industry include; ANSI A156.10 – Power Operated Pedestrian Doors, ANSI A156.19 – Low Energy Power Operated Doors, and ANSI A156.27 – Automatic Revolving Doors. These national consensus standards define the recommended guidelines for installation, sensing devices, and safety requirements for automatic pedestrian doors. All AAADM members manufacture their automatic doors and components in compliance with these standards.

AAADM’s guidelines and recommendations for safe automatic doors include the following;

  • The automatic door should be properly specified to suit the intended use, and the ANSI standards associated with the type of door should be followed.
  • It is highly recommended that only qualified technicians with AAADM certification install and service the automatic doors.
  • Planned maintenance and annual inspections are strongly recommended. Daily safety check procedures are outlined on a label that can be obtained from AAADM or any certified inspector.