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Trimco continues to be a trusted leader in developing products for the most demanding environments. Their expansive portfolio has many unique, patented solutions designed to address real life problems. Most of their products are manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards while maintaining competitive prices. With four convenient distribution points across the U.S., you can get your Trimco products quickly.

Healthy Hardware

The door handle of a public facility can be touched several thousand times a day. That is thousands of opportunities to transfer bacteria and infectious diseases. In hospitals alone, there are over 103,000 Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) reported every year! Trimco can help minimize infectious bacteria* in your facility through their Healthy Hardware™ portfolio of products made with CuVerro® bactericidal copper alloy surfaces.

  • Push/Pull Plates
  • Straight and Offset Pulls
  • Ultimate Restroom Pulls
  • Hospital Push/Pull Latchsets

Lockdown Hardware


The LDH100 Series is a patented, cost-effective solution for one-touch mechanical lockdown of exit devices. In the event of an emergency, the LDH100 does not require a key or hex-wrench to lockdown the doors from the inside; simply push the button on the end cap and the exit device automatically locks. The mechanism has a durable die-cast construction and is easily installed without special tools or removal of the exit device from the door. It is ideal for school perimeter doors, classrooms, banquet halls, government facilities or other locations where exit devices are required.

Hands-Free Solutions

  • Ultimate Restroom Pull
  • Ultimate Foot Pull
  • Ultimate Countertop
  • 1562 – Hospital Latches
  • Fantom – Doorstops
  • 1135 – Ultimate Grips
  • Tidal Pulls
  • AP330 Series

Push/Pull Plates, Grips, and Bars

  • Push Plates
  • Pull Plates
  • Grips and Pulls
  • Push/Pull Bars
  • Anti-Vandal Pulls
  • Flush Pulls

Door, Wall, and Frame Protection

  • Stops and Holders
  • Silencers
  • Kick and Armor Plates
  • Coordinators
  • Specialty Plates
  • Latch, Panic, Edge, and Frame Guards
  • Door Caps

Latching and Locking

  • Hospital Latches
  • Sliding, Pocket, and Barn Door Solutions
  • Wall Strike
  • Flush Bolts and Strikes
  • Surface, Cane, and Cremone Bolts
  • Crash Chains and Door Guards
  • Lock Astragals and Accessories
  • Roller Latches and Ball Latches
  • Healthy Hardware Mortise Lock Levers

Fantom Doorstops

  • Fantom Premium Doorstop
  • Fantom Fire Doorstop
  • Fantom Barn Doorstop

Architectural Products

  • Standard Ladder Pulls
  • Adjustable Pulls
  • Grips and Pulls
  • Cabinet and Closet Pulls
  • Square and Rectangular Pulls
  • Ultimate Series

Identity Hardware

Trimco Identity Hardware transforms your doorways into a powerful reflection of your brand’s identity. Customers, employees, fans and vendors will be greeted by your brand as they enter the building. Trimco designs and manufactures Identity Hardware with the finest High Performance Architectural Hardware materials. Identity Hardware is built to last and meet your code requirements.