Steelcraft and Republic Doors

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Founded in 1933 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Steelcraft was one of the original members of The Steel Door Institute (SDI). In 2013, Steelcraft became part of the Allegion family of brands. Designed for institutional, commercial and industrial applications, Steelcraft provides an impressive selection of hollow metal doors and frames for virtually any wall condition or entryway requirement. Their focus is on the constant improvement of steel doors and frames, and it is reflected in their products. Steelcraft’s offering includes flush, stile and rail, severe weather, acoustical, stainless steel and blast resistant doors as well as the GRAINTECH™ Series of stainable steel doors that provide the beauty of wood with the benefits and features of steel. Steelcraft has set the standard for performance, reliability and style.

Republic Doors

Republic Doors and Frames has a long history as one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of commercial steel doors and frames. Republic commercial steel doors and frames set the standard for performance, reliability and style. Their solid selection of hollow metal doors and frames are supported by their trusted reputation in the industry. Republic Doors and Frames supply any-scale projects, nationally or locally, partnering with you every step of the way to ensure your project succeeds. Republic Doors & Frames is part of the Allegion family of brands. 

Doors and Frames


Hurricane doors and frames are assembly approved with Allegion hardware to resist Hurricane pressures and impacts. Uniquely engineered designs combined with the durability of superior corrosive resistant steel make Steelcraft Hurricane products an excellent solution for added building protection from severe weather. Hurricane Assemblies are extensively tested in various product configurations to comply with key certification agencies for listing approved door assemblies for resistance to hurricane forces.


The DW Series Drywall frames are designed for light to maximum duty applications in both commercial and institutional buildings. Standard jamb compression anchors and a unique tab/lock corner design for knock-down (KD) assembly assure that the DW Series and K Series drywall frames install in minutes on finished drywall construction. They are ideal for light to heavy duty applications in commercial and institutional buildings.


L Series flush doors are designed to meet the architectural requirements for full flush doors, from light to 14 gauge maximum duty. Premium standard door construction combines a beveled lock and hinge side, strong epoxy filled interlock edges, and unsurpassed 7 gauge hinge reinforcement.The continuous bonding of the laminated core to steel face sheets provides an attractive, flat door, free of face welding marks. Tests have proven that the L Series door has a high resistance to impact damage, low thermal conductivity and high STC ratings.


The F Series three-sided flush frames meet requirements for light- to maximum-duty applications for interior and exterior locations in commercial and industrial buildings. They are designed for installation as part of the wall framing sequence and may be specified and supplied as knock-down (KD) for field assembly prior to installation or welded for installation as a complete unit.


Steelcraft architectural stick systems feature lengths of component frame material called “stick sections” that assemble to produce elevations, including transom, transom and sidelight, sidelight and borrowed lights. Stick system components meet a wide range of architectural requirements based on aesthetics, functionality, and durability and they stand up to high usage levels in all commercial and institutional buildings. Components are cut to length, notched and/or mitered, assembled and welded into assemblies to match specific openings, all done at the factory or the distributor’s fabrication shop.


Fire-Rated Steel Doors

Steelcraft fire-rated doors and frames play a critical role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage. Doors play a very important role in the fire resistance of a building; they allow people to evacuate safely from a building along with limiting the spread of fire and smoke to other areas. Fire doors must meet the requirements of the International Building Code and International Fire Code, as well as NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. Fire ratings range from 20 minutes to 3 hours. Hollow metal is the only door material widely available with a 3 hour label.


Steelcraft’s Door and Frame products are designed with your facilities physical security, safety and comfort in mind.  Healthcare institutions have special requirements when creating a safe, secure and comfortable environments for patients, physicians, staff and visitors. 

  • Frame Hospital Stops in various standard heights and angles allowing the door stop to terminate above the floor line where cleanliness is a requirement.
  • Frame Lead-lining clips for easy integration of lead where radiation transmission is a concern.
  • Where local code require Severe Weather products for exterior or interior safe zones.
  • For corridor situations to control the spread of fire and/or smoke as well as direct traffic see Steelcraft FE-Series – Double Egress frames.
  • A complete offering of standard and custom Stainless Steel Doors and Frames for their natural anti-microbial properties, corrosion resistance, longevity and stylish appearance Stainless Steel may be the product you’re looking for.


In areas where tornadoes or hurricanes occur, Steelcraft steel doors and frames are the safe choice. Steelcraft offers a wide variety of hurricane certified doors and frames. These specialty door assemblies are tested with the positive and negative pressures that occur in hurricanes. Then they are rated with a “design pressure,” which is different than wind speed. Steel hurricane-resistant assemblies can resist winds from 110 to 170 miles per hour. Steelcraft products are in accordance with ANSI/SDI A250.13 Testing and Rating of Severe Windstorm Resistant Components for Swinging Door Assemblies for Protection of Building Envelopes, the Florida Building Code (FBC) and the South Florida Building Code (SFBC).

Sound Transmission Control

Steel is the optimum material for acoustical door assemblies. These doors and frames are resoundingly popular in buildings where sound control is critical, such as meeting rooms, hotels, government buildings, and buildings located near airports and highways. Even traditional office buildings benefit from acoustically rated doors and frames because a quieter workplace leads to higher productivity, less sick time, and higher employee retention.


Republic Hurricane certified doors and frames combine the strength of specially designed hollow metal product with the trusted security of Allegion hardware.  HUR(I) DL16 and DE14 Series Impact doors and ME/SE Series hurricane resistant frames are designed to stand up to nature’s fiercest barrage of wind and water.  Republic impact resistant assemblies are tough enough for all hurricane prone regions. Designed for High Velocity Hurricane Zones, these assemblies are approved in Miami/Dade, Broward and Coastal Palm Beach, as well as high wind speed / high risk category areas outside of Florida.   For exterior openings outside of wind-borne debris regions where wind speeds are under 130 mph, standard Republic DP, DL, and DE doors with ME/SE Series frames are approved and listed for non-impact / E330 labeled applications.

Bullet Resistant

Republic offers up to eight levels of bullet resistant door and frame protection, ranging from 9 mm handguns (Level 1) up to 7.62 mm military assault rifles (Level 8). All bullet resistant doors are tested and labeled in accordance with UL752 and constructed per SDI Level 4. They also come standard with polystyrene or mineral wool core for interior or exterior applications. These assemblies are designed for installations such as public utility and military buildings, cashier islands and currency exchanges, cellular tower units and any other security location requiring bullet resistance.

Lead-Lined Steel Doors

When safety for your consumers and your employees is important, Republic’s lead-lined doors and frames provide maximum radiation protection in hospitals and healthcare clinics. Lead is effective at scattering gamma rays and x-rays which makes lead lined doors and frames ideal for medical facility use. Republic’s lead lined doors look and feel like normal hollow metal doors which allow medical facilities to keep a consistent look between offices and radiology rooms.