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STANLEY offers a complete range of door hardware that can be custom-configured for applications in virtually every industry—making STANLEY the only name you need to remember. Simply STANLEY. Their family of security brands has practically everything you need for the openings in your facility. With a comprehensive portfolio of products from which to choose, you can trust STANLEY to help you secure your building in a way that is safe and seamless, as well as cost-effective and convenient. All of their products have been tested to the highest industry standards—often setting the bar for performance.

Mortise Locks

  • QMS/QME100 Series: STANLEY Commercial Hardware QMS/QME100 Series heavy-duty mortise locks offer standard security features at a better value. Designed to provide more reliability, higher security and enhanced vandal resistance, QMS/QME100 Series locks deliver value over the entire lifecycle of the lock.
    • Heavy-duty torsion springs prevent lever sag
    • Break-away spindles enhance security and simplify maintenance
    • Thru bolt design delivers secure installation
    • Clutching mechanism provides vandal resistance
  • QML100 Series: STANLEY locksets offer high-security solutions featuring the latest in architecturally inspired design for a sleek look that’s as beautiful as it is functional. The heavy-duty QML100 Series mortise locks are designed for institutional and commercial uses such as educational, healthcare and industrial facilities where a long-lasting, highly durable product is required.

Cylindrical Locks

  • QCL100 Series: STANLEY Commercial Hardware QCL100 Series delivers quality, performance and long-term durability at a great value. When you need a reliable lockset for high-traffic, heavy-abuse applications, the QCL100 Series offers flexible solutions with built-in security features to meet those demands. QCL100 locks are built to have an exceptionally reliable performance life, be easy to install and remain vandal resistant.
  • QCL200 Series: STANLEY Commercial Hardware’s QCL200 Series provides a better solution for light commercial applications. Designed for quick installation, easy retrofit, longer performance life and vandal resistance, the QCL200 Series offers a better initial value and significant long-term savings. Our QCL200 Series cylindrical locks combine quality, performance and value—and are backed by the name more Americans trust with their security.

Tubular Locks

  • QGT200 Series: With a solid metal construction, these Grade 2 tubular locksets are available in a variety of functions for all types of interior doors. All locksets are equipped with EasyPass™ and come with the option of a stylized rose for that extra touch.
    • Opening the door is much easier with EasyPass- This uniquely smart feature allows the door to open with less rotation of the lever. Not only is it more convenient, but EasyPass has greater durability as well. EasyPass provides convenient, easy access, with reduced lever rotation.
  • QTL200 Series: The STANLEY Commercial Hardware QTL200 Series builds on STANLEY’s proven quality and reliability while providing a solid value lever lock for light commercial applications. When you need a tubular lock in standard-duty doors, the QTL200 Series delivers design features that make installation and retrofitting simpler throughout the product’s lifespan. From design to construction to packaging, the QTL200 Series meets the demands of more applications.


  • QDB100 Series: STANLEY Commercial Hardware’s QDB100 line of ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 deadbolts provides strength, durability and reliability for high-security applications. They designed the QDB100 Series with solid forged housing for added strength and performance life, and then added anti-drill and saw-resistant features to deliver even greater security for a long-lasting, reliable deadbolt solution. From standard door prep to packaging designed for quicker installation, the QDB100 Series is simple to order and install or retrofit in a wide variety of high-security applications.
  • QDB200 Series: STANLEY Commercial Hardware’s QDB200 Series ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 deadbolts have more built-in features for attack resistance. In addition to quality materials and construction, they have components to combat saw, drill and wrench attacks. When you’re choosing a deadbolt for light commercial applications, choose the name more Americans trust for their security.

Interconnect Locks

  • QCI200 Series: The QCI200 Series ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 interconnect locks provide single motion egress for standard-duty applications. When you need options for easy emergency exit, the QCI200 Series offers a lower cost alternative to mortise locks, and includes features like an ADA thumb turn to ensure compliance with building codes. Unlike most interconnect locks, they designed their QCI200 lock with a cylindrical body for more robust performance and better security. Constructed with top-quality materials and enhanced security functions, QCI200 locks deliver easy-to-use security you can count on.

Keys and Cores

STANLEY Commercial Hardware keying systems are designed for compatibility with products from a variety of manufacturers, and offer a wide range of keyways and finishes to simplify projects for more applications. From new construction to retrofit, their cores and keys combine the quality and security you expect from STANLEY with the flexibility that makes their products a standout value.

Door Closers

  • QDC100 Series: They designed and engineered the STANLEY Commercial Hardware QDC100 Series with ultimate durability and versatility in mind. With cast iron construction, retrofit-compatible features and a wide array of options, these ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 closers provide the strength and versatility institutional and industrial markets demand. Built with robust materials and designed for easy customization and retrofit, the QDC100 delivers lasting security for even the most rigorous applications.
  • QDC200 Series: You don’t have to compromise security or aesthetics on narrow top rail doors in high-use areas. STANLEY Commercial Hardware QDC200 Series closers allow maximum flexibility for indoor or outdoor use, accommodate reduced rail heights and come with options to keep your entry point compliant with ADA force requirements—all in a slim design that works with your design aesthetic. Non-handed and with a range of arm, stop and finish options, the QDC200 closers are simple to install and retrofit—and sure to deliver the form and function you can count on.
  • QDC300 Series: They engineered the QDC300 Series with the same high-performance materials and construction you expect from STANLEY, but in a smaller body. The smaller, narrower footprint of the QDC300 means you can put STANLEY quality on even the narrowest top rail doors. The QDC300 Series includes many premium design components standard, without costly upcharges. And with a wide range of available options and customizable features, the QDC300 provides flexible value without compromising quality.

Exit Devices

  • QED100 Series: STANLEY Commercial Hardware designed the QED100 Series exit devices to accommodate the widest range of uses. With plenty of device types, functions and options available, you can use the QED100 in more applications. A comprehensive offering of trim and finish options makes the QED100 Series compatible with other STANLEY Commercial Hardware components so you can design a visually cohesive, complete access control solution. Plus, they engineered their QED100 Series with features like thru bolt design and available options like hurricane compliance and fire rating so that you can trust the security, strength and durability of these exit devices no matter which trim, finish or configuration option you choose.
  • QED200 Series: STANLEY Commercial Hardware’s QED200 Series of narrow stile exit devices combines premium design with industry-leading performance. With features to make installation quick and easy, the QED200 Series fits any wood, steel or aluminum narrow stile door. Choose features and finishes that complement your door hardware solution from STANLEY Commercial Hardware.
  • QED300 Series: When your application calls for reliable quality and durability, STANLEY Commercial Hardware’s QED300 Series of standard duty exit devices fills the need. For light commercial applications, including wood, steel, or aluminum doors, the QED300 line offers the same quality and robust construction you expect from STANLEY, at a great value. The QED300 Series fits a wide variety of applications and configuration requirements—giving you the flexibility you need to select features when you order.

Exit Device Trims

Complete your STANLEY Commercial Hardware exit device solution with coordinated trims designed to work with QED100, QED200 and QED300 exit devices. Their trim collections offer even more customization options to fit a wider range of applications. And they don’t just match aesthetics—their trims provide the same quality and reliability you expect from STANLEY Commercial Hardware.